Meet the Team at 5-80 tactical

Silas J Gold Owner/Instructor is a veteran with 25 years in the US Army, of which 20 years were with US Special operations. He completed multiple combat tours and missions throughout the world involving direct action, special reconnaissance/surveillance advance force operations, foreign internal defense and intelligence reporting. Silas served as a Federal Air Marshal for the Transportation security Agency and top shooting instructor for the Operator Training Course. Silas is a NRA certified instructor for both Law Enforcement and military.

5-80 Tactical is not just another firearms training course name but a highly advanced technique that was developed over years of experience. This technique was develop to ensure the shooter can manipulate their firearm under duress in any situation.  This technique is only taught in our advanced courses.  Silas developed this tactical reloading technique that will increases the shooters ability to react quicker and be on target with precision with every shot under duress/stress.  If you want to increase your effectiveness on the range or in the field both military and civilians can learn this advanced technique by signing up for any of our advanced pistol or rifle courses.