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Defensive Pistol Course

  • $399 course fee. This is a private course for groups of 2 or more. This includes course instruction, and targets.  Please bring your own pistol and ammunition.  300 rounds is the recommended minimum.
  • Survival Mindset

Learn a variety of concealed carry and combat tactics:

  1. Drawing from a holster/ Drawing from concealment.
  2. Double Taps
  3. Multiple Target Engagement
  4. Cover vs. Concealment
  5. Searching and Assessment
  6. Tactical/Speed Reloads

Our Tactical Handgun Course is conducted similar to a US Army Combat Shooting Course.  Learn shooting tactics taught by the Army Special Operations

This course is approximately 8 hours long.  Plan accordingly.

Coffee and Catered Lunch will be provided to include water and snacks

Courses with less than 3 people registered will be subject to cancellation.

Contact the instructor to schedule a course

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