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Precision Rifle Course

LENGTH OF COURSE:  Three (3) days thirty (30) Hours


This course is 30 hours in length which includes classroom instruction and daylight practical exercises. This course is considered basic in nature and geared toward the entry level precision marksman, with little or no formal training. The course is designed to introduce the shooter to the necessary basic fundamentals of target intercept at short to medium precision rifle range. This encompasses: function and use of the 7.62 weapon system, ballistics, scope-adjustment, range estimation, wind defection, weapon system deployment, teamwork and maintenance. The students will participate in exercises which involve locating and making positive identification of hostile targets and sending precision rifle-fire (from various distances, various positions, under various conditions and various situations) alone and as a team.


Teach the students how to set-up and property use a medium range precision rifle system. To ensure the students have a clear understanding of ballistics; the effects of wind, drag and gravity on a bullet. To have each student demonstrate affectively the use optics; minutes of angle; mil-dots; range finding equipment; shooting potions, observation and team work.


Enable the student to effectively utilize a precision scoped weapon system to engage targets in most conditions at short to medium range (up to 600 yards) by learning and understanding the core elements: how far is the target, what is the wind doing, knowing proper adjustment for elevation and wind, am I steady enough, am I and my equipment good enough for the shot, is the shot necessary. The student accomplishes this by building a base knowledge of ballistics, a clear understanding of negative environmental conditions affecting the bullet in flight, the weapon system operation and marksmanship effectiveness. The students will locate, identify, and safely engage targets utilizing a precision scoped weapon system from varied distances under various conditions; to observe and document relevant information and to show proficiency in marksmanship while decision making under stress. The students will accomplish this utilizing: a precision rifle and match ammunition, optical ranging equipment, shooting equipment, a calculator, wind charts, maps, mathematical calculations and drawing from classroom discussion, lecture and the instructor’s demonstration.

The precision marksman will safely demonstrate and execute the given tactical shooting course of fire.  This is a PASS/FAIL grading.   The student must achieve a shooting score of “PASS” and a written exam with 80 percent.

The precision rifle classroom instruction and practical exercise will include blocks of instruction in:
  • Safety Rules
  • Basic function/ Operation -Weapon Systems
  • Ballistics
  • Optics-mechanics
  • Scope-MOA/Mils
  • Bullet flight and the environment
  • Ranging Techniques
  • Marksmanship
  • Shooter Limitations/Capabilities
  • Data Book
  • Observation/Techniques
  • Shooter/Observer Dialog
  • Maintenance


    • Cold Bore Zero
    • Establishing Mean Radius
    • Rapid Bolt Manipulation/Multiple Targets
    • Shooting Out of Position (not prone)
    • Range Estimation
    • Short / Medium Range Target Interdiction (steel targets)
    • Observation
    • Spotter / Shooter Scenario
    • Data Book Recording
    • Weapon System Care and Maintenance

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