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Silva Tracking – Expand your awarenes

Tracking & Awareness Class

Included in the Class

  • Introduction to animal tracking
  • Small, personalized tracking class (class limited to 20 people)
  • A free deck of Silva Tracking & Awareness Flashcards ($24 value)
  • Catered lunch
  • A FREE system that will 10x your tracking ability
  • The last class of 2023, reserve your seat now!

Normally a $220 offer. Veterans Day Sale, $100 off. $120 for adults, $60 for kids.

What is Tracking & Awareness

Tracking is a complex subject. It’s so much more than simply identifying and following a set of tracks. Tracking is also about awareness. A track by itself, without context, is meaningless. Context is established through awareness. Awareness allows a tracker to understand why the animal is moving the way it is, and the impact the landscape and environment are having on the animal. This is why tracking and awareness are always taught together. Awareness enables a tracker to find connections and patterns in their observations, as well as to understand how the landscape and other animals affect the animal being tracked.

A Tracker’s ability is measured by their level of awareness

Tracking Skills

  • How to read the landscape to know where to find animals
  • The process for identifying an animal track on easy and hard to read surfaces
  • How gender (through bone structure) can be seen in tracks
  • How to identify injury or lack of physical fitness (in people) in a track
  • Different stalking steps for moving quietly

The link between meditation and tracking Awareness, like tracking is a skill that can be taught. These cards are an introduction to awareness as well as tracking. A word of caution, awareness is about choice. Once you chose to turn it on you will see more, both good and bad.

Next class – 11 Nov 2023

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